Human Resource Development-This process is an authentication process on your educational certificates from the general education department.

HRD attestation process is compulsory for tertiary school purposes lead by a principle secretary where its procedure and time frame varies from state to state. For all document HRD authentication is required which have to be get attest from Ministry of External Affairs, finally from respective Embassy were document need to be used in the particular country.
Every state have their own rules and formalities for get t done by the HRD Authentication process.
In state of Kerala, NORKA will do the HRD .Total three Norka branches are working regularly in Kerala for provides Norka (HRD) attestation. Trivandrum, Kozhikode and Ernakulam. They only allowing direct candidate or blood relatives of the candidates. We skyroots will helps to fix appointment in Norka for the authentication process

We Sky roots attesting the HRD from Tamilnadu, karanataka,Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh without candidates presence

Required Documents for HRD
1. Original certificate
2. Passport copy of the mark sheet
3. One passport size photograph
4. All mark sheet copy
5. All previous Educational certificates copy of the candidate

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