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Marriage Certificate Attestation

A marriage certificate is an official record of the legal respective relation between the couple. It is an official statement which states that two people are legally married. Marriage certificate attestation is an obligatory procedure when the couple decides to apply for a family visa in a foreign country. A marriage certificate is one of the most important personal certificates which should be attested when the couple plans migrate overseas for personal or professional needs.

Why Marriage Certificate Attestation??

  • To accompany your spouse abroad.
  • To include your spouse’s name in passport.
  • For applying passport for one’s kids.
Marriage Certificate Attestation -

In order to obtain attestation for your marriage certificate, the applicant will have to first attest their marriage certificate attested from the home state Government from where the certificate was issued later by the host country to where the couple plans to migrate. Attestation of Marriage Certificates is the act of witnessing a Marriage certificate by authorized authority /Department / with their official seal and signature.. One will have to submit their original marriage certificate, passport copy and other relevant documents in order to receive attestation for one’s marriage certificate.